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(運営)NPO法⼈ 泉州佐野にぎわい本舗
⼤阪府知事登録旅⾏業 地域限定-2716号

in Izumisano at Osaka

IzumisanoFurusato Machiya-kan Museum


Furusato Machiya-kan Museum

Izumisano city designated cultural property
-Former Niigawa Family House

In ancient times, Sano-machiba was started as a bustling town of the old road toward Kumano Shrine.
In Edo period, fishery, shipping, brewing industry and cotton textile industry and so on brought blossoming into a unique merchants’culture.
Here ”Furusato Machiya-kan Museum” was built in the middle of Edo period, because second generation Niigawa ran soy sauce business.
This building is a precious cultural property which tells us the architectural style of Sennan region at that time.

Facility tour


5-29 Honmachi, Izumisano-city, Osaka 598-0057, Japan

Opening days

Open 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Closed: Year-end and New Year holidays

Admission fee

Individual Groups
(20 or more people)
Adult 200yen 100yen
High school students, college students 100yen 50yen
Junior high school students or younger,
Elderly (65 years old or older) People with disabilities
Free Free

※When events are held, you may be offered free admission.

Reproduce the lives of Machiya

Dirt floor and a kitchen with a cooking stove, In the second floor, the exhibition of life material, and valuable cultural documents.
We can see the lives of Sano machiba, which was an energetic town for town people.

The museum floor plan

Past Events

Izumisano Furusato Machiya-kan Museum is a unique historic building of non routine space. We make full use of this characteristic to carry out a variety of activities full of Japanese taste.

Art / Music / Exhibition

Ocarina Concert
Recital of Ocarina-Noel Old tale of Sano
Outside warehouse
Sano machiba
Picture letter and handmade frame exhibition
Outside warehouse
Koto performance
(Koto: a Japanese string musical instrument)
Shamisen band performance (Shamisen: a Japanese guitar)
Living room /
Room for family Buddhist altar

Tradition Culture Entertainment

Rakugo(Comic story)
Sano Nigiwaitei
Living room /
Room for family Buddhist altar
Hundreds of people Tea party In the museum
Sano machiba candle Noh play In the museum

Machiya Activity Product sales

Handmade Japanese wrapping cloth Market In the museum
Men's handmade market In the museum
One piece of tatami market In the museum

Learn Make

Niigawa Family House culture classroom
(Noh dance, traditional Japanese dance, wood carving
classroom, Beads accessories, classroom of making
decoration with fake sweets classroom, flute classroom etc.)
Living room / Room for family Buddhist altar / Outside warehouse


train + walk

6-minute walk from Nankai Main Line Izumisano Station.
Exit the Nankai Izumisano Station, then proceed to the right direction, and turn right at Tsubasadouri shopping district.
Turn left at "school uniform Noguchi." Turn right at the next corner.